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Summer Cocktail Classics
  Summer Cocktail Classics
  Everyone loves dessert, and with a smooth and creamy boozy smoothie, you don’t need to trudge through a starter and a main course to indulge yourself.
  image Avalanche
This one is extra boozy as it contains 3 1/2 shots of alcohol, so make sure you go easy.
  image Banana Boat
Bananas. Ice cream. Rum. Delicious.
  image Lemon Chiffon Pie
This one is a favourite of Autumn, our cocktails expert. Zesty and chocolatey, it’s pure heaven in a glass.
  image Pina Colada
It’s cheesy, it’s VERY Delboy, but it tastes fantastic! Just try and avoid garnishing it with an umbrella, because that’s unforgiveable in 2003!
  image Screaming Orgasm
Yes, we can’t do a feature on blended cocktails without recommending that you have one of these. The only way to order one a Screaming Orgasm is with a smile and a cheeky wink!
  image Shark Bite
Orange juice, rum and crushed ice, with a layer of Grenadine at the bottom. Fruity, slushy and very more-ish.
  image Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberries, chocolate liqueur, ice cream, whipped cream...
  image Toasted Almond (Blended)
Mix it the same as the normal Toasted Almond, but add ice cream and belnd until smooth.
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