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Summer Cocktail Classics
  Summer Cocktail Classics
  Take advantage of the variety of fresh fruits and berries that are available this time of year and go heavy on the freshly squeezed fruit juice for extra refreshment.
  image 69 Sling
Disaronno is a fantastic ingredient for mixing fruity drinks. The unusual flavour of ripe cherries and almonds blends exceptionally well with fruit juices like cranberry, orange, and lime. This one is perfect for making a pitcher full!
  image Ciaprioska
A simple cocktail made with fresh muddled limes, vodka and sugar.
  image Cranberry Cooler
Another great example of Disaronno’s great mixing potential. Once you’ve tasted the Cranberry Cooler, everyday will be summer!
  image June Bug
Close your eyes and pretend you’re on holiday. Tropical, fruity and fresh. The watermelon garnish adds a little bit of extra colour and flair.
  image Lemonade Lime and bitters
The most popular non-alcoholic drink in Australia. Infinitely refreshing, the Angostura adds an extra blast of flavour to the lemonade and lime. This one is a great choice if you’re driving or don’t fancy drinking.
  image Margarita
Take a leaf out of the Mexicans’ book and treat yourself to a Margarita. Sour and fruity, don’t forget to salt the rim of the glass, as this adds to the flavour. Try wiping the rim with a wedge of lime and then dipping in the salt to help it stick.
  image Mai Tai
A classic, first made in 1934 in a Polynesian restaurant in San Francisco. When the drink was sampled by two Tahitian diners, one of them exclaimed ‘Mai Tai – Roa Ae’, which means ‘Out of this world – the best!’ If you haven’t tried a Mai Tai yet, you really are missing out.
  image Peach Margarita
A frozen fruity variation on the classic Margarita. Try experimenting with other fruits such as mangoes, strawberries and pineapple for other fruity variations.
  image Red Army
Raspberries, raspberry vodka, lime juice and triple sec over crushed ice.
  image Salty Dog
A sour, fruity experience, just great for quenching a real thirst!
  image Strawberry Martini
When I say fruity, I mean fruity! It doesn’t get more summery than this. Fresh strawberries and vodka served in a Martini glass. Pure Summer indulgence.
  image Sunburn
Summer’s just not summer without the burn. Avoid the pain of the real thing and drink it instead.
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