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Classic Martini
Wet or Dry?

The perfect Martini music needs to perform a number of duties. It should fall into the background, but also settle in the foreground enough to make you want to swing your hips and snap your fingers. But most of all, it should encourage you to drain your glass ready for a refill. There is only one type of music that can do all of this and still stay cool – Jazz. But keep your hair on Daddy-O! Jazz in this instance refers more to the mood than the style, and the best Martini Jazz is more along the lines of classic 50s and 60s lounge style Jazz rather than the experimental stuff that turns many people off. We have listed a few suggestions for music to sink a few Martinis to…

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (original soundtrack) RCA Records
Henry Mancini
Feel like Audrey Hepburn while listening to this fantastic musical score written by the master of Easy Listening, Henry Mancini (he also did the music for The Pink Panther cartoons). Breakfast at Tiffany’s also has probably the best cocktail party scene in film history. If only my cocktail parties were as much fun as this…
Rat Pack: From Vegas to St. Louis (Live) Snapper Records
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr.
This is a record that takes you right back to the 60s. It’s hard to listen to any of the Rat Pack crooners and not be entranced by their velvety voices and charismatic style. So get out your best Martini glasses and start mixing. Made all the more brilliant because these are live recordings.
Alfie (original soundtrack) Impulse Records
Sonny Rollins
This soundtrack captures a more laid back mood, and is probably best described as ‘proper’ Jazz, but don’t let that frighten you off. If you have seen the film Alfie, starring Michael Caine, then you’ll understand what I mean. Sonny Rollins is a Saxophonist who dominated most of the 1960s with his smooth and syrupy sound, and this record is perfect for the early hours of the morning, drinking Martinis as the sun rises over the urban landscape…image
Bullitt (original soundtrack) Koch International Records
Lalo Schifrin
Bullitt stars Steve McQueen as a maverick cop determined to track down the killer of a star witness in an important court case. Many people remember the film by the amazing car chase through the streets of San Francisco (which Steve McQueen insisted on doing himself). The music is a bit funkier, and certainly shows its influence from the West Coast. This record is most definitely a must for any cocktail music collection.image
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