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For our latest collection of cocktail recipe recommendations, we have brought together a range of cocktail ideas that all sound like sweets and biscuits! So many cocktail recipes are probably the result of bartenders and mixologists trying to recreate a particular flavour or taste in cocktail form – it really is astonishing how many cocktails there are that sound like they should be eaten rather than drunk!

This particular selection of cocktail ideas evokes memories of childhood sweets like Love Hearts and sherbet fountains, sticky black liquorice, midget gems and pear drops. So if you don’t fancy raiding your local sweet shop or pick’n’mix – try these grown up sweet versions of cocktails! Enjoy!


Bubblegum Bubblegum - an amazing combination of 3 ingredients which you would never imagine could actually be like the bubblegum you remember. Not only is it the vivid bright pink colour you would expect of bubblegum – the flavour combination of Peach Schnapps along with De Kuyper Crème de Bananes and De Kuyper Cranberry perfectly recreates the sweet like taste. Even better you don’t have to spit it out!!

Butterscotch Daiquiri

Butterscotch Daiquiri Butterscotch Daiquiri - a toffee-tastic cocktail which is full of caramel flavours. De Kuyper Butterscotch Caramel mixes superbly with white rum, freshly squeezed lime juice and sugar syrup for a simple cocktail recipe bursting with the essence of butterscotch. All you have to shake all the ingredients together with ice and serve into a chilled cocktail glass and enjoy.

Fruit And Nut Tini

Fruit And Nut Tini Fruit And Nut Tini - yet another cocktail inspired by a chocolate bar! This is a clever combination of flavours which gives a hint of nuts although nothing nutty is used to make the cocktail only a smooth mix of De Kuyper Crème de Cacao Brown and double cream together with Disaronno Amaretto and De Kuyper Cherry Brandy. The nutty flavours come from the crushed cherry kernels used in the making of De Kuyper Cherry Brandy together with the crushed apricot kernel oil used to make Disaronno Amaretto. The cocktail itself doesn’t look especially chocolatey as the cream and the cherry brandy make it a subtle pink – but it is bursting with all the flavours of fruit and nuts.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie Chocolate Chip Cookie - ok so it’s not a sweet but just in case you are not a massive sweet fan, this is the biscuit cocktail option! This rich and creamy cocktail recipe blends white rum, De Kuyper Crème de Cacao Brown, crushed chocolate chip cookies and ice cream for the ultimate indulgent cocktail. It has the sumptuous chocolatey flavour because of the De Kuyper Crème de Cacao Brown which is enhanced perfectly with the white rum, crushed cookies and ice cream. All you need to do is to blend all the ingredients together really well and serve into a chilled wine glass for maximum enjoyment.

Toffee Apple Martini

Toffee Apple Martini Toffee Apple Martini - a sweet tasting cocktail reminiscent of toffee apples at the local fairground. This cocktail recipe is easy to make with just 3 ingredients (Russian Standard Original Vodka, De Kuyper Butterscotch Caramel and De Kuyper Sour Apple) stirred gently together with ice. This simple combination recreates a rich toffee apple flavoured cocktail without the likelihood of you being found with sticky toffee bits all over your face!

We do hope that you enjoy trying out our latest suggestions but please do remember to enjoy all in-the-spirit cocktail recipes in moderation.



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