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This month in-the-spirit is rallying support for the Euro 2004 championships which are taking place in Portugal during June - culminating in the Final on Sunday 4th July in the Luz Stadium in Lisbon.

This month these are inspired by the Euro 2004 tournament as well as the teams of the countries competing and the characters in those teams!

So never mind the lager and the beer, get ready for your Euro 2004 match viewing with some style and have some of our fabulous cocktails to hand – for maximum enjoyment with minimum effort.

Lion Heart

Lion HeartOf course first off, we had to come up with a cocktail recipe which we thought would best sum up the qualities of the England team so we came up with the Lion Heart. Made from three ingredients ¬ to match with the ¿three lions on the shirtî - this is a gutsy combination of dark rum for a bit of a kick (pun intended!), CrÏme de Cassis to give a red hue (a tribute to the red shirt worn by the winning England World Cup team back in 1966) and topped up with pineapple juice to complete the mix.

Blue Dream

Blue DreamIn acknowledgement of the quality of the players in French team ¬ players such as Real Madrid°s Zinedine Zidane and Arsenal°s Thierry Henry, we have come up with the Blue Dream cocktail. This is made from De Kuyper Blue Curacao, white rum (such as Bacardi) and Noilly Prat Dry ¬ a classic French ingredient to represent the colours of the team. So ¿allez les bleus!î Well, except when they are playing England of course!!

Dutch Courage

Dutch CourageIn tribute to the manager of Holland’s national team, a gentleman by the name of Dick Advocaat (yes really!), we suggest you try the following cocktail to work up a bit of Dutch Courage to get you through the match! Made from velvety Warninks Advocaat, gin, lemon juice and apple juice – this is a smooth yet juicy drink.


FerrariTo represent Italy, we have a cocktail recipe with some serious Italian style. Named after one of the Italian team (rather than the car!) ¬ this cocktail is called a Ferrari after player Matteo Ferrari. It is made from classic Italian ingredient Disaronno Amaretto, some Noilly Prat Dry and a splash of Angostura Bitters.


PainkillerWe hope that there are no serious injuries ¬ to spoil all the excitement. However if it becomes too much and you need a cocktail to pick you up, or to help you through a nail biting penalty shoot out why not try a Painkiller cocktail? This is made from dark rum, pineapple juice, freshly squeezed orange juice and cream of coconut! Watch out ¬ you°ll only need one!

Cold Shower

Cold ShowerLast but not least ¬ when the match is over and you are hot, excited and full of adrenalin, our next cocktail is perfect to help you cool down. This is the Cold Shower made simply with a shot of De Kuyper Green CrÏme de Menthe topped up with soda water over ice in a high ball glass.

We hope that the above suggestions give you some alternative ideas from beer, lager and wine during Euro 2004.

in-the-spirit recommends drinking cocktails in moderation.



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