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Why De Kuyper Cocktail Liqueurs? [title]

Authenticity. Quality. Cocktail liqueur expertise. These are the reasons why De Kuyper liqueurs are used throughout the world by bartenders and consumers alike.

Did you know that De Kuyper is the world’s largest producer of cocktail liqueurs – exporting to more than 100 countries with annual sales of over 50 million bottles? In the UK, De Kuyper outsells its nearest competitor by over 2 to 1*.

De Kuyper has a long distinguished history dating back over 300 years. The founding date of the company is 1695 when Petrus de Kuyper married Anna Custers. At the time, Petrus was associated with the industry as a producer of the wooden casks used for transporting Dutch gin and beer.

Since 1695 the De Kuyper family’s involvement in the production of liqueurs continued to grow and really began to take off in the 1750’s when Jan de Kuyper (third son of Petrus) took over the distillery in Schiedam which was by then the leading centre for production of Dutch gin.

The company is now owned by the 10th generation of the De Kuyper family and to mark the occasion of their 300th anniversary in 1995, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands appointed them Royal Distillers. (Click here for a brief history of landmark dates for De Kuyper Royal Distillers.)

Ingredients are obtained for De Kuyper liqueurs from all over the world. Through long standing commercial relationships, De Kuyper are able to select the finest raw materials offered on the market place - whether this is blackcurrants for their Crème de Cassis or the curaçao fruits used to make Blue Curaçao or Triple Sec.

Only freshly harvested ingredients of the highest quality are used which are quality checked before shipping to Holland. Traditional antique stone jars are still used to store the ingredients to maintain their freshness. Fresh or dried fruits, peels, coffee beans and herbs are then placed in alcohol for several weeks to extract the maximum colour and flavour. These distillates and macerations have been prepared since 1695 in old distillation stills at the De Kuyper distillery in Schiedam. As well as traditional methods, De Kuyper also use the most sophisticated filling techniques and inspection methods ensuring a consistent level of quality during production and packaging.

The distillers at De Kuyper, with their vast knowledge and their proven recipes – which are continuously being developed and refined – to inspire confidence at the highest levels.

De Kuyper cocktail liqueurs – the key to a great cocktail.

* source: A C Nielsen market data

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