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Crème de Cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur that originated in Dijon in France. Blackcurrants are steeped in pure neutral alcohol, and then natural flavour enhancers such as sugar, herbs and spices are added.

What are liqueurs?

Perfect for making really fruity cocktails such as Ballet Russe or 69 Sling. Alternatively try putting a small amount into a glass of Champagne to make the classic aperitif drink Kir Royale.

What are liqueurs?

Made from blackcurrants, and tastes like... well... blackcurrants.

What are liqueurs?

Asda and Safeway.

Creme de Menthe

Crème de Menthe is a mint liqueur made from fresh mint leaves steeped in neutral alcohol with natural flavour enhancers added like sugar to add a bit of sweetness.

What are liqueurs?

Some people enjoy drinking Crème de Menthe on its own or over ice, as a natural herbal digestive. It’s also great for adding a minty flavour to cocktails such as the After Eight Martini and the After 8 Shooter. Adding it to Crème de Cacao, milk and ice cream will make a fantastic Chocolate Mint Smoothie.

What are liqueurs? Ask Autumn
  Cool and minty.
What are liqueurs?

Asda, Safeway, Tesco and Morrisons.

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